BWA (Burrows-Wheeler Aligner) is an efficient program that aligns relatively short nucleotide sequences against a long reference sequence such as the human genome.


Canu is a fork of the Celera Assembler, designed for high-noise single-molecule sequencing (such as the PacBio RS II or Oxford Nanopore MinION).


CD-HIT is a very widely used program for clustering and comparing protein or nucleotide sequences.

Celera Assembler

This software has multiple names; Celera Assembler, or wgs, which stands for Whole-Genome Shotgun Assembler

Cell Ranger DNA

The Chromium Single Cell CNV Solution provides a comprehensive, scalable approach to high resolution copy number profiling of hundreds to thousands of cells in a single sample.


Centrifuge is a very rapid and memory-efficient system for the classification of DNA sequences from microbial samples, with better sensitivity than and comparable accuracy to other leading systems.

Centroid Fold

CentroidFold predicts an RNA secondary structure from an RNA sequence.


A tool to circularize genome assemblies.