I am on sabatical at another institution and cannot open a ssh session to the DMC or SGI Ultraviolet. What is wrong?

The Supercomputers are only accessible from university campuses in Alabama and the home providers in those cities.

  1. First ssh to a machine at your home institution, then ssh to the DMC or SGI Ultraviolet.

  2. Contact the analyst at hpc@asc.edu

How do I get an account on the supercomputer?

There is an annual request for supercomputer accounts, via a web form. This is free for academic use in the state of Alabama, with commercial rates available.

To get an account on the Ultraviolet, please click here to request an HPC account.

After filling out the form, click "Submit Grant Application". This will generate a second page summarizing the information you entered. This second page must be printed, signed and faxed to (256) 971-7491.

You will receive an email with your account password and information on accessing the SGI Ultraviolet within a couple days.

Where do I find documentation on using the DMC or SGI Ultraviolet?

  1. There is a pdf version of the user manual online at HPC-User-Manual.

  2. Various applications may have online documentation in the directory /opt/asn/doc.

How do I request new software for the DMC?

  1. Contact the analyst for assistance in preparing a request.

  2. In general, the more expensive the software, the greater your need will be to demonstrate interest in the software at multiple AREN client institutions.

How do I login to the DMC?

  1. "ssh" to dmc.asc.edu.

  2. Type your login ID at the "login:" prompt.

  3. Type your password at the "Password:" prompt.

  4. You should now see a Unix shell prompt " myname@dmc " (depending on which Unix shell you use).