Content Filtering Service provides AREN Managed Internet Access Service clients the ability to block web content that may be considered inappropriate or necessary to meet regulatory requirements such as the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).


Forms and Instructions:

CIPA Agreement Form CIPA Instructions
FCC Form 479 FCC Form 479 Instructions

Currently, this service is provided primarily by a network based appliance cluster (iBoss).  ASA’s network based iBoss solution has limited client reporting capabilities but a premise based solution can be provided as a fee for service to allow more granular reporting. 

The current iBoss agreement provides a statewide license for any ASA client requiring content filtering service, whether they utilize the network based platform or a premise based solution.  In addition, the current iBoss license can also be used by clients that have purchased their own iBoss content filter rather than utilizing a premise-based solution from ASA.  ASA’s network based content filtering service can be configured by each client to allow or block web sites as necessary to accommodate their protection requirements.  Clients can change iBoss filter configurations by either contacting the ASA Help Desk or utilizing the iBoss client portal.