The Alabama Supercomputer Authority (ASA) recently bought and installed the ASA-X Supercomputer in 2023. ASA-X is the tenth supercomputer in the history of ASA and it replaces the DMC. ASA-X currently has 1,214 users including students and faculty from universities, colleges and K12 schools. The purpose of ASA-X is to provide HPC resources to Alabama’s Academic Community.  ASA-X is made up of:

·         4,688 x86-64 Processors (AMD & Intel)

·         Shared/Distributed Memory Architecture

·         InfiniBand high speed/low latency network

·         512GB-6TB memory per node

·         32 TB total memory

·         1.4 PB shared storage via Panasas

For more information on High Performance Computing (HPC) services provided by ASA, visit the High Performance Computing page on the ASA website.

ASA-X logo over photo of ASA-X HPC Hardware