HPC Software & Tools

The HPC system provides access to software for Programming, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Fluid Dynamics, Materials Science, Mathematics, Molecular Dynamics, Bioinformatics, Quantum Chemistry, and more! The selection of software packages is driven by faculty requests.

The majority of the software is open source or free for academic use. There are a few high use, commercial programs (such as Gaussian) which are also available. Additional commercial software is available for purchase by ASA (if there is enough demand and use for the software).

Users can also install their own software including commercial software that is owned by the research group or university. Please note that users will need to create an HPC account before they will be able to access software in the HPC system. Users can create an HPC account by filling out the HPC Account Request and Renewal Form.

If you need assistance with the HPC system, please click here to contact HPC Support or email hpc@asc.edu.

HPC Software and Hardware Image