Managed Vulnerability Scanning Services

ASA Vulnerability Scanning Service detects and classifies possible weaknesses in computers, networks and communications equipment that may be exploited by hackers. Some examples of the identified vulnerabilities would be missing patches, vulnerable services, and insecure configurations. Vulnerability scans may be performed on laptops, desktops, servers, and network devices as approved by each client.

ASA provides internal and external authenticated and unauthenticated scans. In the unauthenticated method, ASA performs the scan as an intruder would, without credentialed access to the network. These types of scans reveal vulnerabilities that could possibly be accessed without logging into the client network. In an authenticated scan, ASA logs in as a network user, revealing the vulnerabilities that are accessible to a trusted user, or an intruder that has gained access as a trusted user.

ASA’s Vulnerability Scanning Service does not include penetration testing.

Vulnerability Scanning Image